We call the Team Hammerheads Running Group - Hammerheads No Pressure. Hammerheads will do a long run before or after the Saturday Swim. We run a variety of distances and paces and we invite you to join us.

In addition, our Sponsor Footworks has weekly fun runs in South Miami on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30.

Amy Crowley-Gonsoulin

Amy Crowley-Gonsoulin feels grateful to serve as a ride leader for the Hammerheads.  Five years ago, she started at a beginner ride lead by Chiara Manton, one of our previous presidents.  After riding with the Hammerheads and Everglades Bicycle Club (EBC) for a few years, Amy became a ride leader for EBC.  In 2016, she completed the training for the League Cycling Instructor certification from the League of American Bicyclists. Amy now helps support and train new cyclists and ride leaders.
Serving as a ride leader and trainer is an extension of Amy’s background in education and teaching.  She holds a BA in English from the University of Texas at Austin and a MA in English from Boston College.  She also holds certifications as a secondary education teacher in Texas, Virginia, and Florida.  Currently she works for Miami Dade College supporting teachers in the online Learning Management System as the Course Delivery and Adjunct Faculty Director for the Virtual College.  When not riding, she loves to read, train for triathlons, and spend time with her boys. Amy hopes to use her teaching background to continue promoting fun, but safe cycling.

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This is our set schedule but members should check the team Facebook page for updated information as well as specific times and locations of trainings.

All Team Hammerheads trainings are group trainings on your own. Team Hammerheads works with all coaches in the Miami area but is not sponsored or structured with any specific coach.

Mike Estevez
Mike Estevez grew up in South Florida and is well-known in the South Florida athletic community. He has been a Team Hammerheads member since 2006, including 5+ years as a Board member. Mike has raced in many race distances, including Ironman-distance races. He holds the following certifications:

USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach 
IronmanU Certified Coach
US Masters Swimming Level 2 Coach
USA Cycling Level 3 Coach 
American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
US Masters Swimming Adult Learn to Swim Instructor 
Spinning Star 2 Instructor
AED/First Aid and CPR Certified

Hammerheads meet on "Tri Beach" on Key Biscayne for group swims year round Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 7:30 AM.

Amy Stone 

Amy Stone learned to ride a bike as a kid only to discover many years later as an adult that wanted to do a triathlon that maybe she didn't really know how to ride a bike. Amy Stone has been riding in Team Hammerheads group rides since 2009 and a ride leader since 2011. Amy is currently the President of Team Hammerheads. 

Ben Alvarez

Ben has been a part of the Team Hammerheads family for 8 years. His first triathlon was one of the Trilogy races on Key Biscayne. Ben didn't  learn how to ride a bike until he was 13 years old, "that is why I am klutzy" (his words but don't believe it!) Ben likes to lead bike rides in order to teach others group cycling rules and safety tips so that they too can enjoy biking. His best memory as a ride leader is helping people rejoin a group ride, whether they are struggling or having mechanical problems. Ben has these tips for new riders: always pay attention, maintain your distance, and learn safety protocols. When you choose a ride distance and pace, start conservatively with slower paces and shorter distances until you learn about group cycling and feel confident. Team Hammerheads is all about being friendly and patient and enjoying comradeship.

Hammerheads have group bike rides year round leaving from Cocoplum Circle. We habitually plan our rides on Sundays unless there is a conflict. We try to have several pace groups and distances to accomodate as many happy triathletes as we can. Tri Bikes are welcome. 

Team Hammerheads ride leaders are volunteers. Each week we do our best to offer a variety of distances and speeds for our group bike rides. Meet some of our ride leaders below.:

Team Hammerheads Training schedule

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Eric Winter

Eric grew up in Miami and has always loved going for a bike ride. At a young age his father would take him and his brother on cycling adventures throughout South Florida and he was hooked for life from that point on. In 2012, he purchased his first road bike after owning mainly mountain bikes. Invited by a friend, Eric joined Team Hammerheads for a training ride while training for his first century that same year. Shortly after a few more HH training rides he became a member. After many miles in the saddle, in 2017 Eric became a ride leader and also joined the Board where he currently serves as Treasurer.

Eric’s focus has been to provide consistent training rides for our members as well as foster a safe environment where we look after each other while out on a ride. He hopes to be able to encourage new riders by teaching the skills necessary to ride safely and effectively, as well as demonstrating how to take care of bike and cycling equipment.