Team Hammerheads is an all-volunteer organization. The Board of Directors makes decisions for the direction of the club and work together to grow both the Team and the sport of triathlon and endurance sports in the South Florida community. 

Board of Directors (as of 8/1/2021)

Chiara Manton - President 

Manrique Alonso - Vice President

Eric Winter - Treasurer

Cindy Rodriguez-Pereira - Secretary

Juan Balloveras - Director

Michael Dvorkin - Director

Ray Perdomo- Director

Ben Alvarez- Director

Alex Roche- Director

Jo Jo Russo- Director


Eric grew up in Miami and has always loved going for a bike ride. At a young age his father would take him and his brother on cycling adventures throughout South Florida and he was hooked for life from that point on. In 2012, he purchased his first road bike after owning mainly mountain bikes. Invited by a friend, Eric joined Team Hammerheads for a training ride while training for his first century that same year. Shortly after a few more HH training rides he became a member. In 2017, after many rides in the saddle, Eric became a ride leader and also joined the Board where he served as Treasurer for two years until taking the mantle as President. Eric’s focus has been to provide consistent training rides for our members as well as foster a safe environment where we look after each other while out on a ride. He hopes to be able to encourage new riders by teaching the skills necessary to ride safely and effectively, as well as demonstrating how to take care of bike and cycling equipment.


Michael joined Team Hammerheads in 2017 after training alone for his first triathlon in Key West (cancelled) December of that year.  He was one of many new recruits of long time member Jo Jo Russo. His first race was 2018 Las Olas Triathlon. In 2018 he completed 7 Triathlons and a few short running events.  His favorite race, so far, has been St. Anthony’s because of beautiful location in St. Petersburgh, FL and the amazing level of organization the event had.  Michael has been married for 15 years and has 2 children, Emma (12) and Benjamin (10).  Benjamin has completed his first mini-sprint triathlon (9yr old) which included a short Open-Water Swim.  Outside of triathlon, Michael is an avid Skier and enjoys family travel and coaching baseball, softball, football for his kids.

2019 race calendar:  South Beach Triathlon, St. Anthony’s Triathlon, 5 Boro Bike Tour (NYC) CAPTEX Triathlon, Cherrish Triathlon, Chicago Triathlon, NYC TriathlonTempe Triathlon, Escape to Miami.


Ray Joined the Hammerheads in 2008. His first Triathlon was the Mack Cycle Trilogy that same year. His
favorite race was IM Cozumel, completed in 2009. Ray is married and has one child. Outside of
triathlon he enjoys mountain biking and basket weaving .

2019 Race calendar:

South Beach Triathlon, Wings for Life Run, Trilogy Series Triathlon,

Escape to Miami, Miami Trail Run, Turkey Trot Run, St. Augustine Marathon, Miami Half-Marathon.


Ben joined the Hammerheads in 2008. He completed his first triathlon in the Mack Cycle Trilogy series of
that same year. Ben’s favorite Race was the Boston Marathon in 2009 for which he qualified in 2008. He views this as the pinnacle of his athletic career, he loved the race. He also loved the Nautica Tri (now South Beach Triathlon) because it was a fundraiser for St. Jude Hospital. Ben has been married for 45 years and has 2 boys and 8 grandchildren.
Outside of triathlon he enjoys tennis, baseball and spending time in his yard keeping up his garden.


I have been a Hammerheads since August 2009 - my first year of doing triathlon races (10 races to start) when I turned 60 years old. I retired in 2015 after holding a position of senior paralegal for 34 years at a prestigious law firm in Miami. Now I am enjoying life, sports training and greatly appreciate the friendship with Hammerheads members. I am also enjoying cooking and traveling.


Cindy joined the Hammerheads in 2018 when her husband Alex was training for Ironman Florida.  She did her first Triathlon in May 2017 at the MAck Cycle Tri-Miami Race.  She has completed a few other Triathlons and duathlon races as well as one Half-Iron Distance Duathlon, Miami-Man 2018.  Cindy's favorite race has been the Miami Marathon, since it was her first full distance Marathon.  She also felt completing her half-Iron duathlon had a dramatic impact on her confidence in endurance sports.  Cindy is married to Hammerhead Alex Roche and together they have 5 fur babies.  Outside of Triathlon Cindy competes in Crossfit and has participated in the Crossfit-Open each year.  She is passionate about animals, loves to read and runs an Instagram account and Blog about nutrition.

2019 RACE Calendar: South Beach Triathlon, Wongs for Life, Tri-Miami, Augusta 70.3


Alex Roche has been a member of Team Hammerheads since 2018 when he was looking for a group to swim with during his training for Ironman Florida. Alex did all his training with the Hammies and became an Ironman later that year. He became a ride leader and joined the Board in 2019. Alex’s first triathlon was an international distance in 2015 and after that, he completed a few more triathlons as part of his first Ironman 70.3. Alex’s favorite race has been Augusta 70.3 because he trained and raced with his wife Cindy. Alex loves the outdoors and being a father to five four-legged babies. He works as a middle school teacher and mindful coach for children. When not training or racing, Alex enjoys cooking, meditating, fly fishing, hiking and doing CrossFit with Cindy.


I began my endurance racing career in 2011 when I ran the ING Half Marathon and my triathlon career in 2014 with the Escape to Miami Sprint. I have raced 11 half marathons, 7 marathons, 5 sprint/international distance triathlons, 8 Olympic, 3 Half Ironmans, and 3 Full Ironmans. My first Half Ironman was Ironman Miami 70.3 in 2015. My first Full Ironman was Ironman Florida 140.6 in in 2017. I raced the Havana 70.3 in 2017 which was extremely emotional because I got to reunite with family I hadn’t seen since leaving Cuba at the age of 3 in 1960. I love God, my mother, my children, my wife, my family… and marshmallows.


Ben Alvarez

Amy Crowley-



Mike Estevez

Our rides change every week. Members receive a weekly email with ride information.


Most of our leaders are not riding instructors and while we all try to ride safely our ride leaders are not safety marshals. Think of them like friends sharing their favorite cycling route with you.


Some ride leaders have more experience than others.  Some choose to ride faster than others. All Team Hammerheads ride leaders are enthusiastic volunteers who come out week after week to lead rides because they enjoy it.


If you are looking for basic riding instruction email us, and we’ll refer you to a riding skills class.



Ray Perdomo

Amy Stone

Eric Winter

Ben Alvarez

Amy Crowley-Gonsoulin

Angel Mateos

Yamile Castella

Maria Galleguillo

Jo Jo Russo

Nick Athanassiadis

Alex Rodriguez