Team Hammerheads meet at "Tri Beach" Key Biscayne for group swims year-round on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 7:30 AM. 

Team Hammerheads swim leaders are volunteers. Each week they do their best to offer a variety of distances and speeds for the swims. 

Swim With Us


Team Hammerheads meet for group bike rides year round leaving from Cocoplum Circle, Sunset Elementary, or other locales. Rides are normally on Sundays.


Team Hammerhead ride leaders are volunteers.  Each week, communications are sent out of the ride leader(s) with their distance, average pace and meet times.

Bike With Us



Run With Us

Team Hammerheads organises long-runs during the Fall/Winter timing, usually on Saturdays.  Sometimes we will do a long run before or after the Saturday Swim. Each week, communications are sent out of the distance, paces, and meet time.


In addition, our sponsor Footworks has weekly fun runs in South Miami on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 or 7pm.


This is our general schedule but members should check the private Facebook Group or weekly email for updated information. 


Team Hammerhead trainings are not done by coaches, unless it is a specific workout from one of our sponsors.  Team Hammerheads works with all coaches in the Miami area but is not sponsored or structured by any specific coach. 

Bike Ride Leaders

Most of our leaders are not riding instructors and while we all try to ride safely our ride leaders are not safety marshals. Think of them like friends sharing their favorite cycling route with you.


Some ride leaders have more experience than others.  

Some choose to ride faster than others.

All Team Hammerheads ride leaders are enthusiastic volunteers who come out

week after week to lead rides because they enjoy it.


If you are looking for basic riding instruction email us, and we’ll refer you to a riding skills class.



Ray Perdomo

Amy Stone

Ben Alvarez

Amy Crowley-Gonsoulin

Angel Mateos

Yamile Castella

Maria Galleguillo

Jo Jo Russo

Chiara Manton

Alex Roche

Alvaro Molina